Why should women weight train?

Strength Training: Not just for men.

I was recently approached to answer a question about why women should do weight and strength training. Physical fitness is important for everyone, but unfortunately some people hold on to the myth that strength training is just for bulky gym rats. Nothing could be further from the truth. Below, I included the questions I was asked, along with my responses.

Q. Many women are turned off to weight lifting because they think it will make them look “bulky”, what would you say to a woman who uses this as an excuse not to incorporate weightlifting/ strength training in their exercise routine?
A. Weight lifting will not make you bulky unless you take steroids and work out six hours a day.

Q. Can you explain the metabolic advantages of building muscle?
A. Muscle burns 20 times as many calories per hour as fat. Having more muscle will burn more calories even while you sleep.

Q. What are some of the best benefits of weight lifting,particularly for women?
A. Strengthens the bones, decreases risk of injury, improves performance with everyday activities, from carrying groceries to carrying laundry to carrying your kids.

Q. Physiologically, what happens when someone only does cardiovascular exercise and entirely neglects any type of strength training?
A. Repetitive stress on the joints and muscles, which will increase your risk of back pain, knee injuries, and ankle injuries.

Q. What advice would you give to a woman who wants to start weight lifting but doesn’t know how or where to start?
A. Contact a fitness professional with at least ten years� experience.

Q.If you didn’t already address this topic in a previous question, can you talk a little bit about the benefits of weightlifting for women in terms of preventing age-related issues suchas osteoporosis?
A.Strength training reduces your risk of needing medications, boosts energy and vitality, and maintains weight control.
Q.In your opinion, what’s the number one reason women should incorporate weight lifting in their workout routines?
A.The number one reason to take up strength training is to avoid your doctor telling you that you are frail and that you have a disability from inactivity.

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