Stretches you can do while watching TV

For each of these stretches, do them on both sides, hold them for five to ten seconds, and don’t go past the point of pain.


This stretch loosens your neck and chest muscles.


This releases tension in your wrist and elbow, helping mitigate repetitive stress associated with computer and phone use.


This stretches out your thighs, and if you keep your shoulders pressed against the floor it can also help with posture.


This stretches your spine and chest.


This stretches and strengthens your spine, legs, and chest.


This opens up your chest and pelvis, which is good for your posture.


This is a kind of modified cobra pose that limbers up your core and spine.


This increases coordination and stretches out your spine and upper arms.

You all know I don’t advocate a sedentary lifestyle, but if you must “Netflix and chill”, you should take advantage of the downtime to keep your blood flowing and gain some strength and flexibility!

Is a Mid-day workout a good idea?

I was recently asked if a mid-day workout would be a good idea. The short answer is that you should work out whenever you can, but here are some reasons why a workout over the lunch hour can be especially beneficial:

A workout during lunch will motivate you to choose healthy organic meals since you can’t work out with a stomach full of greasy, bad food. (You can, but you’ll be miserable.) Secondly, it will increase endorphins which will make you more productive and happy at work. After sitting all morning at your desk it’s good to do standing exercises to recruit the muscles that have been sleeping while you’ve been sitting down. If you do rhythmic exercises such as walking, it will balance your hormones, blood sugar levels, and mind.

If you make time to exercise during your work lunch hour, it will show your manager that you have a strong, self-motivated work ethic and you’re always trying to stay one step ahead, both at work and in health.


Another note:
Many of you are long-time corrective exercise clients. I love that aspect of my job, and I’m going to continue giving it 110%, but I’m also trying to expand my business to target clients who are specifically interested in fitness for golf. Be sure to let your friends know that I’m available for that. I’m going to be launching a new companion website to offer online training for golf fitness, and I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

If you know anyone who could benefit from this information, please share it!

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