Bored exercising? Try this!

Jumping rope is great exercise.  It has some unique benefits.  You can do it whether or not you have a jump rope, or you can make a jump rope for yourself pretty easily.  One reason I like to jump rope is that the way you hold your hands while jumping rope tends to open up your chest and shoulders.  Many people have rounded shoulders from looking down at computers and other devices.  This posture can lead to many painful problems, but jumping rope makes you hold your shoulders back and chest open, encouraging good posture.
Jumping can help strengthen your bones, and doing it without shoes on can strengthen the arch of your foot, and enhance the mobility and stability of your ankles.  Jumping rope can also strengthen your core and improve your sense of balance.  It’s a great addition to a circuit of exercises–jumping rope for 30 seconds to 2 minutes in between strength exercises is a great way to maintain your heart rate and break up monotony.
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