Here’s what some of Jeff’s clients have to say…


April 17, 2013. Jeff has helped me play better golf this year, I have better balance and hit the ball further.” Diane M. – Menands, NY

April 3, 2013. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Jeff out at the golf resort. Jeff is up to speed on all the latest exercises and has a world of knowledge in the area of nutrition. Larry G. – Head Golf Pro, Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club, FL

March 13, 2013. The stretching exercises and strength training have enabled me to increase my distance. The core strengthening and balance exercises have helped make my swing more rhythmical and fluid. I have enjoyed incredibly good and tangible results. My handicap had dropped from from 8 to 3 and a good part of that is because of your training.” Matthew B. – Albany, NY

Jeff has introduced me to new stretching and balance exercises. The discipline of a weekly program is great for me and has reduced my lower back pain. This has been great for my golfing as I was able to score a hole in one. Bob L. Delmar, NY

The program is well thought out and gradually allows for better and more precise performance. I enjoy and look forward to working out ever week. It is not a chore but a pleasure. I have recommended it to my friends. In 2006 I was voted most improved golfer in the golf league at Wolfert’s Roost. Louise H. – Menands, NY (Age 80)

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March 8, 2013. Since working with Jeff I feel better and stronger. My rotation has improved which is helping my driving and life movements. Jeff helps me keep my independence. Lee B. – Loudonville, NY

Dear Jeff, Many thanks for 3 years of healing. You and I have both grown to appreciate the positive relationship together. I know much better what I need to do to maximize my potential for a healthy life after 60. I feel you have become increasingly informed in your practice and able to share wonderfully with your clients the energy you have. I have every confidence your business will grow in positive ways, a natural response to your enormous talent. On a personal note, I shall miss you, the kindness and gentle encouragement you led me through over time. My life is permanently improved by your gifts. Barbara W- Albany NY (moved to New Jersey, Jan 2007)

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…couples, groups

April 16, 2013. I am a 44 year old female who has been a weekly client of Jeff’s for the past four years, as has my husband for five years. We are consistently impressed with Jeff’s dedication to not only his client’s goals but also his own continuing education, a benefit for him and most certainly his clients. Best of all no training session is the same. He uses different equipment and provides information on the latest training methods used by different pros, all of which keep the sessions fun for mind and body. I have seen my own core strength, flexibility and endurance improve markedly with Jeff. He is an extremely dedicated personal trainer who goes above and beyond for his clients. Lise H. – Loudonville, NY

The whole hour is a valuable experience. John likes being able to exercise without the use of machines. John & Susan J.- Valatie, NY

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…sport specific athletes

April 3, 2013. I look forward to my workout. Jeff has a good knowledge on how the body works and moves. Since working with Jeff, my snowboarding has improved allowing me keep up with people thirty years younger than me. Janet C. – Albany, NY

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…those recovering from injury, illness or surgery

May 3, 2013. From following Jeff’s program, my range of motion and strength has increased. As I continue to do the exercises, I keep seeing improvement and look forward to regaining full use of my arm. I am very grateful for Jeff’s knowledge and expertise in helping me. Tony -Albany, NY

May 18, 2013. I would like to let others know what a great job Jeff did in helping my husband to get back the use of his arm and shoulder. Tony slipped on ice and fell slamming his shoulder onto the ground. Although he didn’t break any bones, the doctor diagnosed a separated shoulder, with the possibility of needing surgery. He could barely move his arm and was in a lot of pain. When we saw Jeff, he gave Tony a very thorough assessment, recommending some exercises, demonstrating them and writing them down for Tony. I was not only thankful but also greatly impressed with the caring and thorough treatment Tony received from Jeff. After following Jeff’s instructions for several weeks, Tony’s arm and shoulder are greatly improved and continue to keep on getting better. Wow!” Donna from Albany

April 17, 2013. Prior to meeting Jeff, I thought personal trainers helped you get your body looking how you want it to. After talking with Jeff about a shoulder dislocation injury, I learned his knowledge of injuries and how to repair them. In two sessions, Jeff gave me the exercises I needed to repair this injury. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jeff for matters of healing, toning and injury prevention. He is a joy to work with and knows his stuff. Jane C. – Albany, NY

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…those coping with functional limitations, chronic conditions

Working with Jeff has helped me get a seeing-eye dog. I failed the test 3 times and was ready to give up. After working with Jeff on balance, strength, flexibility, speed, control, and confidence I was in the shape I needed to be. I passed and got my seeing-eye dog. – Caroline F – Albany, NY

…fellow professionals in related fields

April 03, 2013. “Thank you Jeff for your great exercise program. I am excited and look forward to you coming over to train with me. I keep learning new ways to stabilize my body. I am going to start a Jeff Grayson Miller fan club because you are so wonderful. Ginny M. – Yoga instructor Albany, NY

March 20, 2013. Since working with Jeff, I’ve increased my energy and decreased my pain. I love all the equipment used. Our sessions are always helpful and interesting. The results can be felt and seen daily. Nikki R – Massage therapist, Albany, NY

This is the fourth year I’ve been working with Jeff on the east coast. I also have a trainer on the west coast. Every year my trainer on the west coast is impressed with the wonderful progress that I make here. Jeff helps me with my balance, strength, stretching, ability to go up and down stairs, and walking without my walker or cane. Jeff’s exercise program has helped me to feel comfortable living on my own. Dr. Andy W. – Albany, NY.

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…lifestyle change, personal fitness training

April 3, 2013. Jeff provides a fast paced and well rounded workout. He has the ability to inspire and motivate. I’m making noticeable improvements in terms of flexibility and muscle tone. Diane M. – Menands, NY

March 20, 2013. Jeff offers a comprehensive fitness program. I have seen fast and great results working with Jeff. I have also learned lots of new and safe ways to exercise. His availability of three times a week is appreciated and the motivation is a real plus. Linda W – Albany, NY

March 8, 2013. I would highly recommend your services as a personal trainer to anybody that is in my age bracket or younger. You have made a world of difference in my life and I can’t begin to thank you for building my body up. Morris M. – Albany, NY

Since working with Jeff I’ve lost 40 pounds, quit smoking, cut back on my alcohol consumption by 90%, and changed my diet. I feel positive changes mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am making better decisions at work and also making more money. Phil M. – Albany, NY

Jeff is well read and up to date and is able to put this information into an action plan. Larry D. – Colonie, NY

My back was hurting. Ater one session with Jeff I became pain free. I am very happy with his technique and approach. Jean R – Albany, NY

I enjoy the variety in the program. The exercise is excellent! This is helping me keep up with my 12 year old son. My balance has improved and I have lost a full size in less than six months. Lucia F. – Albany, NY

Thanks Jeff for helping me reduce stress, increase energy, and feel great. Maria B. – Menands, NY

Overall, if I had another trainer, I wouldn’t still be doing it. The variety is the key to longevity. The balance training is most useful. In fact, I got a hole in one in my golf game. I like the way Jeff keeps adding or advancing exercises . I like the fact that Jeff is always positive during our exercise workout. I like the nutrition and herbal updates. John H. – Albany, NY

I like Jeff’s core strength and flexibility knowledge of movement. Bill B. – Loudonville, NY

Jeff is an integral part of the Fitness Development as a Fitness Specialist. His work has been exemplary. His personal training and customer skills are sharply honed. He is dedicated and professional. – The Spa at The Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Resort, FL

Jeff in knowledgeable in vitamins, herbs, and supplements. He has a very pleasant personality. Aaron F. – President AFC Vitamin Outlet

Jeff has me working through the session. I find the handouts he provides to be informative. I always recommend Jeff’s services. Frank B. – Loudonville, NY

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