Jeff Miller, Certified Personal Trainer

Who is Jeff Miller?

Jeff Miller:

  • Empowers clients to incorporate principles learned during training into their daily lives
  • Helps people of all ages and skill levels achieve and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Encourages and motivates clients to reach new levels of athletic ability.
  • Assists with the full return to previous daily activities in a real world setting, after treatment
  • Assists in achieving the greatest level of post-therapy independence possible after injury, illness, surgery and chronic conditions
  • Host of the television show Fitness Time.
  • Writes regularly for The Jewish World newspaper.
  • Has had an interest in sports and fitness since the age of 13.
  • Lost 100 lbs. and maintains a healthy weight of 175 lbs.

Jeff, a certified personal trainer holds multiple health and fitness certifications including that of Titleist Golf Fitness Instructor. He continues to educate himself through ongoing research, hands on workshops, seminars, symposiums, and courses provided by the following organizations:

American Cancer Society American Diabetes Association Arthritis Foundation
American Heart Association American Chronic Pain Association The School of Natural Healing
American Red Cross International Council of Active Aging National Association for Continence
NASM Gary Gray Apex Fitness
ACE Paul Check Titleist Performance Institute

What does Jeff expect of his clients?

  • Some level of motivation
  • Mutual respect
  • That you have selected him because you believe he has a credible philosophy
  • Good communication: call ahead to cancel appt.
  • Discuss any injuries, pain or other related health concerns
  • Notification of changes in medication or supplements
  • Wear cushioned footwear /sneakers

What do Jeff’s clients experience?

  • Focus and professionalism
  • Successful training sessions with attention to individual needs
  • Improved performance in sports related activities
  • Improved daily movement such as balance, walking, lifting, kneeling, etc.
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Reduced risk of injury and reduced pain
  • Fun exercise!

Click here to read testimonials from Jeff’s clients.

Jeff understands and articulates what he wants to provide for his clients.

This is the result of years of experience as an educator and personal trainer.

Jeff seeks to help people feel better physically and emotionally about themselves.

A mind and body approach leads to a sense of well being that encourages a positive experience while training and beyond.

Jeff Miller holds the following Fitness Certifications:

– Personal Fitness Trainer
– Sports Nutrition Specialist
– Golf Fitness Instructor
– Personal Trainer
– Exercise for Older Adults
– Senior Fitness Instructor
– Vitalist


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