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Sport Specific Training

Sport specific training for basketball, tennis, soccer, running, swimming, baseball, lacrosse, all revolve around the same core stability / mobility training program.

You will learn exercise principles to; combat muscle fatigue, avoid muscle damage, and over-training / overuse injuries.

All sports are stop and go ballistic, steady rhythm. You push, pull rotate, squat, lunge in different speeds and direction.

The ACE (American Council on Exercise) says, “At the extreme, some individuals believe that by mimicking the explosive, ballistic activities of high-level competitive athletes, they are training in a functional manner.”

All too often, however, such training programs greatly exceed the physiological capabilities of the average exerciser, which ultimately increases the possibility that an injury might occur. Obviously, there is nothing at all functional about sustaining an injury due to improper training.

Safe Sport Specific Training

Jeff teaches the safe sport specific training for function beneficial to athletes who play basketball, tennis, soccer, running, swimming, baseball and lacrosse. You won’t find crunches or exercises that can be dangerous at most and ineffective at the least.

This is similar to the way yoga uses poses and counter-poses. In other words, if the front is not worked equal to the back, problems will crop up and injury can result. And when you work one area of the body, you need to do an equal amount of work to the opposite area of that muscle or muscle group.

Sport Specific Personal Trainer

Prepare for your upcoming season!

Sessions with Jeff will motivate you, instill confidence and give you the winning edge. Hands-on and interactive. Our approach takes core strength, power, body control and speed development, and combines them with sport specific skill sets, movement patterns and energy systems.

Through cardio, flexibility, agility, strength conditioning and core movement. Comprehensive knowledge and tools maintain highest level of competitiveness and excellence in your sport.

Restoration to super-normal level of performance.
Additionally, we offer a comprehensive resource for focusing on returning injured athletes to their optimal performance!
speed, agility, jumping ability and upper / lower body strength.

sport specific training revolves around safely improving an athlete’s performance and ability to compete.