Ring of Hope

Jah-yae Brown, on the left, is the 15 year-old National Silver Gloves Champion for 156 pound weight class.

This week I was asked to speak at Schenectady Ring of Hope boxing gym about dynamic sport-specific warm-ups.

Ring of Hope has three boxers preparing for the 2016 Olympics.  While I was there, I noticed that they didn’t have a sport-specific exercise program, so I designed one that is boxing-specific.  The workout increases speed in footwork, using medicine balls and tubing for dynamic rotation and power.

The most common injuries in boxing are shoulder and elbow injuries, so I designed a shoulder stability program.  The boxing coach was amazed at how many imbalances there were in his athletes when I did assessment tests.  Even Jah-yae Brown, the National Champion in his age and weight class, had muscle imbalances that could result in injury.  By taking corrective steps in fixing his problem, just imagine how much better he’ll be doing sport-specific warm-up and training.  The athletes were so inspiring, I decided to volunteer my expertise to these young men once a month.

In other news, I began writing a fitness column for the Wolfert’s Roost Country Club.  You can read this first one here.  I’m also working with the Union College Division I golf team, sharing my sport-specific warm-up and golf fitness expertise.

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