Golf Column for Wolfert’s Roost

The goal of a golf swing is to strike the ball achieving maximum distance with a high level of accuracy.All great ball strikers have the same exact kinetic sequence. The golf pro will help you with your skill while, as a fitness expert, I will help your body get in the position for an efficient swing. The “five physical pillars” are flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, and power. We will start with flexibility and mobility make sure that you always do specific golf stretches before play. It is important to loosen up your neck,shoulders, hips, lower back, hamstrings, and calves . Think rotation and hold strectch for 10­30 sec. One of the best ways to increase hip rotation is to roll your hips around as if you were hula­hooping. Warming up your neck and ankle muscles is as easy as moving them around slowly from side to side. Hamstring and calf stretches can be done with the help of a set of stairs or a wall to push against. Reach one up to the sky to raise the rib cage. Standing back bend put hands on low back and then arch backwards face up to the sky and hold 10­-30 sec.

To see golf­ specific exercises, go to and click on “Video.”

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