Stretches you can do while watching TV

For each of these stretches, do them on both sides, hold them for five to ten seconds, and don’t go past the point of pain.


This stretch loosens your neck and chest muscles.


This releases tension in your wrist and elbow, helping mitigate repetitive stress associated with computer and phone use.


This stretches out your thighs, and if you keep your shoulders pressed against the floor it can also help with posture.


This stretches your spine and chest.


This stretches and strengthens your spine, legs, and chest.


This opens up your chest and pelvis, which is good for your posture.


This is a kind of modified cobra pose that limbers up your core and spine.


This increases coordination and stretches out your spine and upper arms.

You all know I don’t advocate a sedentary lifestyle, but if you must “Netflix and chill”, you should take advantage of the downtime to keep your blood flowing and gain some strength and flexibility!

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