Winter Workouts

The best ways to stay active in winter are ways that incorporate fun. Many people opt for indoor exercise during the winter–gym workouts, mall walking, etc. But I think it’s extra important to get outside and take advantage of the opportunities we have to enjoy what little sunlight there is and breathe in fresh air.

One of the most obvious and convenient outdoor winter workouts is shoveling snow. Don’t treat it as drudgery–put in some headphones, get a rhythm, and pay close attention to your posture. It’s a great workout, but it’s also very easy to hurt yourself if you don’t make sure to have stable footing and lift with your legs as much as possible. You work your core, arms, and legs, and if you get into it enough, it’s also a great cardiovascular workout.

Another great exercise in the snow is building snowmen! This activity requires you to bear crawl while pushing a progressively heavier ball around, and then lift and place the ball. It’s such a great full-body workout that I almost want to find a way to simulate it for my clients!

If you dress well, you can also do regular outdoor exercise like walking. Make sure you keep your extremities warm but let your core body breathe a little bit–go heavy on hat/headband and gloves and lighter on jacket and pants. You’ll be much less miserable that way.

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