TPI Test #8: The Cervical Rotation Test

This is the last in our series of TPI Performance tests.  If you haven’t read the other seven, you should check some out at  The idea behind these tests is that a TPI golf fitness professional can use them to assess your physical strengths and weaknesses, and isolate where you may have problems with your golf swing on that basis.  You can also do them yourself for fun, and just to get an idea of where you stand.

So, what’s the cervical rotation test?  It’s a test we can do to check the mobility of your neck and upper back, which is important for a smooth golf swing with a full range of motion.

Here’s how to do it:
Stand up perfectly straight with your feet together, toes pointing forward.  Keeping your head level, rotate it as far as possible to one side, now tilt your head down and try to touch your chin to your collarbone.  Don’t open your mouth or try to close the gap by moving your shoulder up.  Now do it on the other side.  If you can touch your chin to your collarbone on both sides (without it hurting,) then you have full bilateral  cervical rotation.  If not, you could have issues with your spine, or you might just have tight muscles that need to be worked on.

If your mobility is limited in this test in any way, the first thing you can do is make sure you’re maintaining healthy posture as much as possible in your daily life.  You can check out the video below if you need some tips.  Otherwise, here are some exercises you can do to help out:

Stand up straight, place one hand flat across the small of your back, with the palm out.  Using the other hand, reach up and across the top of your head.  Gently pull the top of your head away from arm that’s behind your back, just enough to feel a stretch.  This will help stretch and loosen muscles on the side of your neck.  Another easy stretch you can do will be to stand up straight, turn your head to the side, and tilt your head to look up at the ceiling.

These stretches can help loosen and lengthen any tight muscles that could be inhibiting your motion.

That’s it for this week!  Drink lots of water and stay on top of your game!

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