How to stretch your pecs for golf

I always stress the importance of preparing for physical activity by stretching.  Golf is no exception.  Most people think of pectoralis muscles as something gym rats use to show off, but they are an important interface between your arms and your core.  As such, they are crucial to a good golf swing.

I’m going to outline a few stretches you can use to ensure that you have your pecs’ full range of motion.

This stretch works both your pectoralis minor muscle and the medial rotators in your shoulder:

  • Stand in a doorway, next to a tree, or next to a golf cart, and place your arm in the same position as you would if you were about to throw a ball.
  • Place your forearm and hand against your support (i.e. the doorjamb or similar) with the palm toward the support and your forearm vertical.
  • Gently rotate your trunk forward around your arm as though your arm were a stationary object.
  • Once you have reached a position in which you feel a stretch on the medial rotators of your shoulder (the front area), take a deep breath and press your hand into the doorjamb.
  • Hold about one pound of pressure on the doorjamb for five seconds.
  • Exhale and rotate the trunk around the arm, increasing the stretch.
  • This should be repeated three to five times.

 This image is an example.

To stretch your pectoralis major, you can use a swiss ball (commonly known as a yoga or exercise ball.)

  • With the forearm on the ball, keep the shoulders parallel to the ground as you allow the arm to be stretched back by dropping the body forward.
  • Upon reaching the point of a comfortable stretch, inhale and press the forearm into the ball for five seconds.
  • After five seconds, exhale as you relax and move immediately into a new stretch position.
  • Perform this sequence three to five times on each side.

Example photo:

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