Staying healthy at the gym

I was recently asked how to avoid germs at the gym. When I go to the gym, I make sure to carry a small, pocket-sized spray bottle of natural sanitizer. I make sure that I use natural sanitizers without toxic chemicals. I spray it on my hands or the equipment every so often.

One way that I avoid germs is to avoid using machines. I focus on bodyweight and freeweight exercises mostly for fitness reasons–these exercises promote stability and muscle balance–but another reason to go with them is because even if there is some equipment involved (weights, bands), there’s much less contact with it than with a machine exercise.

Never use the water fountain at the gym, always bring your own water to drink. If you use a treadmill, don’t hold on to the bar. If you see someone cough or sneeze, walk away while holding your breath so that you don’t breathe in the germs. Whatever clothing you wore at the gym, you want to change out of it as soon as possible and get into clean clothes.

The gym is a germy place. It’s easy to protect yourself, but you have to be consistent and protect yourself.

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