A Peek at My Gear

As a fitness professional, my health is at the center of my life. I have a lot of equipment that most people don’t own, because for me, health equals happiness, so spending time and money on it is a no-brainer.

I’ll start with the less exotic things that anyone could own without breaking their budget:
When I sit at my dinner table, I sit on an exercise ball to keep my core strong and my body stable. It’s a small change once you make the adjustment, but it produces real results over time.

I have a standing workstation where I do all my computer work. It helps me stay moving and avoid the back pain and negative cardiovascular effects of sitting all day.

I have a foam roller that I use on a daily basis that helps me keep my muscles loose and pain-free.

I have a lot of standard exercise equipment, like kettle bells and resistance bands, but I have a few less common ones too, like indian clubs and a BodyBlade.

Now for the bigger investments:
I have a LifeGear inversion table that I use on a daily basis to relieve spinal compression. I also have a Migun therapeutic infrared massage bed that I use for 25 minutes each day.

I have made a lot of nutritional adjustments to optimize my health and stay energetic. I have a wheatgrass machine and a nutribullet, I drink only filtered water, and my diet is all dairy-free, gluten-free, and organic.

Most people are not willing to make a lot of these changes, but as I said, my health is at the center of my life, and the healthier I am, the happier I am, so it’s more than worth the sacrifice.

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