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A Harvard psychologist released a study concluding that you are the sum total of the five people you hang out with most.  If you hang out with smokers, you are likely to be a smoker. If your friends are overweight, you are likely to also be overweight. Are your friends rich and successful?  Guess what you’re most likely to be?

I’m a very goal-oriented person, so the five people I “hang out” with most are: Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, and Thomas Edison.  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is read inspirational passages from these men and people like them. It helps me set my mind on course for a good day.

Napoleon Hill is one of my biggest inspirations.  His book “Think and Grow Rich” is a classic source for the secrets of success.  He lays out 17 keys to achieving your goals, and the first one is this: Definiteness of purpose.

Definiteness of purpose means that you must have a specific goal in mind in order to be successful, otherwise you will drift aimlessly through life.  What that means is that your goal must be specific, and it’s best to write it down so that you can remind yourself each day what your goal is. Napoleon Hill also recommends writing down what you are willing to give up to achieve your goal.  He’s clear that nothing comes for free, and that you must be able to control your own mind and actions to accomplish anything meaningful. My definite purpose is to live a healthy, fit, organic life, while educating people on the correct way of exercising and moving.

Mr Hill’s second key to success is called the “Mastermind Alliance.”  This rule refers to securing inspiration and cooperation from like-minded people.  This is why I wake up each morning and read the writings of people I admire. It’s also why I attend so many conferences and belong to several mastermind groups relating to health, fitness, and nutrition.

The third key to success is “Applied Faith”, which means having faith not only in a spiritual sense, but also faith in yourself.  The faith is that the Divine has given you all you need to succeed, and all you need to do is to tap into that potential. If you pray or meditate or do anything where you call on the universe for assistance, don’t ask for success.  Instead, ask for the ability to tap into your already-existing potential to achieve it.

I have faith in myself, and I also have faith in my clients–I know they have the strength to achieve their goals.  My hope is that I can pass along some of the wisdom I’ve gathered from the “five people I hang out with” so that they can tap into that potential to live healthy, wealthy lives.

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