Cultivating Consistency

Now, I’m a fitness professional, and I know from experience that anyone can exercise, but the people who are successful at achieving their goals are those who maintain consistency in their healthy habits.

In fact, the people who succeed at just about anything have one quality in common: commitment to consistency and hard work.

Another difference between successful and unsuccessful people? How they respond to failure. Buried is that insight, of course, is that the way they respond to failure is with–you guessed it–consistency: trying again. Trying harder, trying differently, trying every day.

Okay, you might ask, how do they do that? What makes them different that they can pick themselves up and go again every time? They hold themselves accountable. They don’t just say, “I’ll try again later.” They say, “I’m going to try again for three hours, tomorrow, starting at one o’clock.” Procrastination is a temptation we all contend with, but successful people set deadlines for themselves, and build their lives around their priorities, rather than trying to squeeze them in on the side in between checking Facebook and catching up on Mad Men.

I want to share a video with you about consistency nd commitment. It’s from Marie Forleo, who is a business coach who has inspired me to be better. The video is called, “How To Be Consistent: 5 Steps to Get Things Done, All The Time”

I especially like her point about “catching the wagon.” Too many of us view our progress as an all-or-nothing proposition, where the consequences of one big decision, for example, “I’ll never eat refined sugar again” are the life-changing event we’ve been waiting for, and if it doesn’t work out, all is lost. But truly, those big decisions are enacted as a long series of small, every day decisions.

If you make the wrong decision one day, you CAN make the right one the next, and the day after that, and the day after that–as long as you keep your mind on your goal, and hold yourself accountable for commitments you make to yourself.

To help me keep my goal in mind, I often turn to inspirational quotes. I’d like to share them with you, so I’ll link to them at my blog, here.

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