Always be improving

This past week, I attended the Perform Better 3 Day Summit in Providence, RI, with 1,200 trainers, therapists, and chiropractors. Together, we took in the latest knowledge from industry
leaders like Dr. Greg Rose, the founder of the Titleist Performance institute.
In any field, it’s important to invest in yourself. I invest my time, money, and travel in my profession
because I value being the best trainer I can be. It’s important to me personally to be constantly
improving. Obviously I want to be a more successful trainer from a business standpoint, but more
importantly, refining and expanding my skills is personally fulfilling.
One of the things we focused on at the summit is the idea that structure dictates function or
dysfunction. The goal of golf fitness is to build and refine your structure (body) to the point where
it is in balance and optimized for golf. If your body is out of alignment at the start of a golf swing,
chances are you’re going to be out of alignment at the end, too. Misalignment like this can result
in excessive wearing on joints and connective tissue. Joint replacement surgeries are at an all
time high right now, and if you keep yourself in the right shape for your sport, you can avoid being
a part of that statistic.
If you are in a rotational sport like golf, you need explosive control at impact, and proper
deceleration control to reduce injuries and bad shots. Your joints need to be limber in all three
planes of motion. Incorporate a dynamic warmup
before golf and do a body check. When I say
“body check,” I mean scan your body with your senses, and note anything that feels out of
alignment. Adjust your posture and your swing accordingly.

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