July 7, 2015

In other newsletters, I’ve talked about the five pillars of the kinetic chain: flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, and power.  Now it’s time to talk about Power, the last, but not least, link in that chain.
Power is key for optimal performance, and to have it you need to develop two things: speed and strength.
In order to increase power, you must first have mobility of the joints and full range of motion in the muscles.  Power in the  golf swing is measured as club head speed.
Power is developed in stages.  Speed development begins with the lower body, progresses to the torso, and is completed with the wrist angle of the head arm.  It is a combination of all these body segments working together to develop club head speed.  It is necessary for each segment of the body to contain levels of strength.  If you’re going to increase your club speed from 95 mph to 100 mph, the distance you hit the golf ball would increase significantly.  The equipment you need are medicine balls, tubing, and TRX suspension.
With a partner or next to a wall, get in golf stance and mimic golf swing with a 2-4 pound medicine ball, ten times each side.  Then perform the same movement with resistance tubing ten times each side, then execute the TRX standing back pull 16 times.  After that, do five body-weight-only squats with a golf rotation, and do five more, this time rotating in the opposite direction.

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