Golf Fitness Instructor, Titleist Certified Training

Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

Golf Fitness Instructor

Titleist Certified Training

TPI-cgfi-level 1 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, Jeff Miller, one of only 4,000 Titleist Performance Institute certified golf fitness instructors in the world, is proud to offer:

+ Dynamic training for golfers of all ages and skill levels
+ Skilled collaboration with golf professionals
+ Skilled collaboration with rehab specialists
+ Group seminars and workshops

Don’t Entrust Your Health or Your Game to Chance!

Step them up with competitor level training from a Certified Personal Trainer

TPI-cgfi-level1 Certified InstructorBased on Titleist Performance Institute practices, clients are given a battery of tests usually reserved for professional golfers. By performing a “total picture” assessment of your body, swing, and equipment, Jeff will recommend a program that will seamlessly integrate into your existing game, and help you optimize your performance, while also optimizing your health and minimizing your risk of injury.

Online Training Now Available!

Jeff now offers two remote training packages that can be done entirely over the internet.

  • Package 1
    • 6 Weeks in length
    • TPI movement assessment over Skype
    • Sport-specific training videos
    • Two 30-minute coaching calls
    • A re-assessment
    • Specialized equipment available straight from your trainer.
    • E-mail support any time.
    • $249
  • Package 2
    • 6 Weeks
    • TPI movement assessment over Skype
    • Sport-specific training videos
    • Three 30-minute coaching calls
    • Nutritional guidance program
    • Re-assessment
    • Specialized equipment straight from your trainer
    • E-mail support any time
    • $399

Ready to take the next step?  Call Jeff at 518-281-3772 and then visit our sign-up page to redeem your intro code and get started!

In addition to golf fitness certification, Jeff Miller holds the following fitness related Certifications:

  • IFPA – Personal Fitness Trainer
  • IFPA – Sports Nutrition Specialist
  • AFG – Personal Trainer
  • AIFE – Exercise for Older Adults
  • SFA / ASFA – Senior Fitness Instructor
  • SNH – Vitalist

Contact us now and start maximizing your game, today!

Please Note
  • We maintain a 24 hour cancellation policy.
    Please remember that this profession is built upon appointments. We appreciate your consideration.
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