Strength Training for Golf

My goal is to add the physical conditioning component to your bag of tricks. Functional strength exercise will increase your ball and club head speed. This will make you a powerful ball striker.
Begin with a dynamic warm up and stretch to prepare the body for quality work. Don’t worry about quantity; focus on quality. Exercise done right works well. Exercise done wrong will hurt your body and harm your swing. The body needs strength in push, pull, rotate, squat, lunge. Since the majority of golfers are hunched over with rounded shoulders, I would do more pulling exercises than pushing exercises.
In the May 2015 Golf Digest Magazine, the 463-yard long ball champ Jeff Flagg advises readers to train on your feet as much as possible; you will be a better athlete.

Standing Back Pull:
Start with a standing tubing pull. Hold the tubing with your hands while pulling the tubing to your shoulder. You should feel your shoulder blades coming together. Do three sets of 12-16 reps.

Standing Chop Exercise:
Put tubing high on a pole or tree, then combine the handles so you have one handle. Stand sideways from the pole in golf stance. Chop to your off hip. Feel the power coming from your core. Do three sets of 12-16 reps on each side.

Standing Rotation Exercise:
Now stand facing the pole with the tubing moved to the middle. Keep your head still and rotate side-to-side. Some people do this movement with a golf club. Doing this with the tubing will create power and strength.

For a powerful glute, the lunge works best. Stand facing the mirror (if you have one.) Take a big step forward with your right leg, then focus on the left leg by dropping the knee to two inches from the floor five times each leg. Repeat this sequence three times.

The last exercise is the squat. Face the mirror, feet pointed forward, shoulder width apart. Sit down as far as you can go while keeping your feet flat and knees pointed forward. Do three sets of five squats.

These exercises are simple but important ways to increase your strength, making you a more powerful ball striker and improving your overall fitness.

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